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As  soon as we met Julian we knew  we would be in good hands. Unsure about what an intervention involved,  a pre-intervention was arranged over the phone. A family pre-intervention took place and Julian put our minds at rest.

Julian had arranged  admittance to a treatment centre for my brother on the day of the intervention. Julians expertise and calming manner made us feel confident in what he was offering our family. He has been there every step of the way, whenever we had a question, felt unsure, insecure or just a bit down he helped to put things intp perspective. The family workshops he did helped as very much aswell. Julian kept us updated on my brothers progress when he visited the treatment centre too.

Julian has a very calming influence and his happy go lucky character gave myself and my family hope and confidence in my brothers recovery. It’s been 5 months  and the aftercare is still in force and contact is regular. Without Julian to guide us all I’m not sure  we would have come as far as we have. Coming together as a family has made us all stronger and made us close again. Thank God for Julian.

W.  London

I was at a loss and totally exhausted with my sons’ addiction. I didn’t know who to talk to anymore after speaking to the G.P who was no help at all who told us he couldn’t refer my son to treatment. I’d never heard of a family intervention before until I was given Julian number from a friend.

I spoke to Julian and finally felt that I’d found somebody who understood, not only my sons situation but mine too. I felt a great weight off my shoulders. Julian arranged a meeting with the whole family, the meeting was held at the family home while my son was asleep upstairs. Immediate admittance to treatment and transport was arranged for my son, Julian accompanied him on the day. Relief.

Julian has been here constantly for myself, my son and my family during and after treatment. The one to one aftercare was essential and Julians expert yet friendly, caring and cheerful approach has been a God send. He’s helped my son through his programme and helped me and my family through a horrendous in our lives. I just wished we had found him earlier.

P.  Surrey

As soon as I moved into my teens my purpose in life changed. I did get an education and worked but often moved in “dodgy” circles/ crowds, drugs were the norm and my family relationships deteriorated-to cut a long story short I ended up hopelessly addicted to cocaine/ crack. I was low for a long period. I lost everything of value and worth. love, integrity etc- my debts were out of control and I manipulated my Mum to take on my debts.

I had just come off a binge and was paranoid and had locked myself in my parents bathroom paranoid and ashamed. A family friend brought Julian and a pre-intervention took place with me hiding upstairs, petrified. Julian came back the very next day to hold the actual intervention, when my family expressed themselves I could see the pain i had  caused.

Julian organised a treatment centre for me, all the family were involved. I was visited by Julian weekly while in treatment and he also picked me up on my release and we held a family workshop to discuss the direction we all needed to move into. We are all close and evaluate problems as a family now and Julian is firmly embedded in our family.

I am 3 months clean and life is brighter thanks to JX Interventions.