Treatment Centre Referrals

Let Us Take The Strain

Choosing treatment can be daunting, especially finding an affordable rehab with a good reputation.

At JX Interventions we are dedicated to helping you find the right rehabilitation centre to help to suit the clients specific needs. We have built close relationships with treatment centres in the U.K, U.S.A and South Africa.

We also provide  safe transportation for the client with a “Body Guide” we can accompany your loved one to treatment nationally or overseas ensuring your peace of mind.

Once safely in the treatment centre we don’t stop there.

We provide the family with weekly reports and prepare the family for their loved ones’ release and educate the family about changes that may need to be made. Realising that some conditions can affect the whole family we can provide self esteem building workshops in the comfort of their own homes and work closely with children that may have been affected.

Treatment for everyone

We are aware that each case is different, so are services are tailor made to suit all your needs.

The first stage of alcoholism/ addiction  treatment is to remove alcohol/drugs from the system. Some people may require detoxification under medical supervision.

Will it work?

There is a very high success rate of long term recovery when a combination of these therapies are used with motivated individuals who are willing to begin to make behavioural and emotional changes on an ongoing basis.

Once this is achieved, The Treatment Process  can begin to explore the underlying emotions and behaviour, which have perpetuated the use of alcohol or drugs.

We are happy to organise any outside help if necessary.

The second stage is to begin a programme of change. Changing negative behaviour and thought processes to positive ones will result in liberation from the need to use alcohol and possibly other addictions such as:

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Exercise
  • Spending
  • Any activity which can be used to change mood

Please don’t hesitate to call us for any information,
friendly advice or testimonials of other case studies we have conducted. All enquiries are held strictly confidential